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Name Description PriceQuantity

14-VZ05F Mack Snow het RADAR – Female
Hatch Date: 07/04/14
Weight: 45g (11/07/17)

14-VZ08M Bold Mack Snow het RADAR – Male
Bold Mack Snow 100% het RADAR

Hatch Date: 07/27/15
Weight: 55g (11/07/17)

14-YZ07F Eclipse 100% het RADAR – Female
Nice female, ready to breed.  Probable mack snow.

Hatch Date:  7/22/14
Weight:  54g 09/12/17

15-IAA01F Murphy Patternless – Female
Thick female ready to breed.  Sire is a super giant, 11 1/2" long.

Hatch Date: 06/22/15
Weight: 53g…

15-IAA02M 100% het Murphy Patternless – Male
A very typically speckled Murphy het.  The father of this gecko may be the largest Murphy Patternless in the world.…$40.00

15-YTZ01M Eclipse 100% het RADAR – Male
This guy is a weird looking gecko, but appears to be eclipse, which would explain the vertical pattern.  100% het…$60.00

16-HA02M Emerine – Male
100% het Tremper Albino
Extreme Emerine X Emerine

Great looking emerine!

Hatch Date: 6/19/16
Weight: 55g…

16-MB02F Tangerine Female – Blood X Pacific Green lineage
This girl is chunky and will certainly breed next season.  She is the product of my pure Blood male (Geckoboa) crossed…$60.00

16-RWW03M 100% het RAPTOR – Male
Really robust gecko, from super giant parents.

Hatch Date: 08/11/6
Weight: 55g (11/04/17)

16-YG01M 100% het RADAR
Hatch Date: 06/11/16

Weight: 45g

16-YG02M Low Expression Eclipse het RADAR – Male
Hatch Date: 06/21/16

Weight: 40g

16-YG03M 100% het RADAR – Male
Hatch Date: 07/09/16

Weight: 33g


16-YG04M Bell Albino, Likely Mack Snow, het RADAR – Male
Part of my Giant Bell Albino project. Possible giant.

Hatch Date: 07/09/16
Weight: 55g (11/07/17)

17-LWW03F Blood Tangerine Cross – Female
Nice gecko, from a big blood emerine male (super giant) crossed to my largest (almost 11") tangerine female (also a…$80.00

17-RC03F RAPTOR, solid red eyes – female
This girl is ready to go, and will be ready to breed by the end of the summer.

40 grams

ELVIS – Bold Male
Purchased this guy back in 2011 from Ron Tremper, labeled as a "Giant Lavender Bold".  Has never produced a Tremper…$150.00