As a small, private breeder, it is imperative that any animal I sell be in the best possible health and ready for a stressful journey to a new home. As such, live arrival is guaranteed on all shipments that are signed for by the carrier’s guaranteed delivery time, providing that time falls within 24 hours of shipment. These details will be fully disclosed before any animal is shipped, and will be a binding contract between the buyer and I, the seller.  NOTE:  Fedex does NOT guarantee live arrival, even if on-time.


This document must be reviewed; when you check that you’ve read the terms and conditions during the checkout process, you are absolving C.K.G. Geckos of responsibility or accountability should any instance of salmonella poisoning occur after taking possession of your animals.

    Salmonella Warning


To facilitate accuracy, ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY THE CUSTOMER.  This simply means, add the geckos to your cart, them proceed all the way through the checkout process until you are directed to Paypal.  At that point, you may pay in full or cancel from Paypal and arrange to pay a deposit, also handled via Paypal.  By following this procedure, my inventory is updated, and more importantly, YOUR order is accurate for me to process when the time comes, and you’ve agreed to these terms. This is a win-win for both you and I, and most importantly, you, since you get the right animals shipped to the right address.


All orders must be paid in full before shipment. Animals may be held for 3 days without payment. Payment plans are handled on a case by case basis. If you want to set up a short term agreement (less than 30 days), please send me a message to discuss our options.

  • Paypal is the preferred and accepted payment method.  My online system will automatically take you through the payment process.  This is the most efficient way to order.  You may also send Paypal payment manually to info@ckggeckos.com.  Payment in any form is automatic consent to these terms and conditions.
  • Money orders are accepted but will require the order to be held until the money order is received and deposited. Checkout just as you would using Paypal, but cancel the transaction ON THE PAYPAL PAGE and return to ckggeckos.com.  Then contact me to ensure that I have received the order and we can work out details.  A tracking number is required to be provided by the buyer upon agreement to confirm a hold.  Be sure to include the ID number for the animal(s) you’re intending to purchase when processing payment. Also include any comments or directions pertaining to special shipping consideration.

Shipping to HAMM is possible, please inquire for rates and deadlines. 


Shipping cost is $50 (continental US only)!  Includes an industry standard box, insulation and heat packs in every sale.  Shipments will be sent Federal Express Overnight, and can be sent Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. There will be NO shipping on Thursdays or 2 days before a holiday. NO exceptions. Sorry, but the welfare of the animals is the number one priority. Depending on the shipping address, delivery times can vary, and this will be taken into consideration before any sale is final. During colder weather, it is strongly recommended that shipments be held at the carrier facility for pickup, and this may be a requirement at my discretion.


Someone MUST be able to sign for your package, no matter where it is delivered.  It is YOUR responsibility to confirm that you receive a tracking number, via email, on the day that your shipment is scheduled to ship.  I send an email from my system with the number, as well as set up a notification in Fedex.  Be sure your spam/junk filters are not blocking these emails.  


Leopard geckos can stop feeding during these cooler months, and it is extremely important to be patient with your new pet. It can take days, weeks and even months for a gecko to start eating well, and they will only do so on their schedule. The last thing that helps them to settle into a new home is frequent interaction. Let them settle down for a few days with heat and water, but do not force them to see food running around their cage or have a hand in front of them constantly. They need to feel secure and comfortable.


All animals are guaranteed to be in perfect health to the best of my knowledge. The buyer has 24 hours from receipt of the shipment to inspect and assume care of the animal. If not pleased with the purchase, the buyer may ship the animal back at his/her expense, for a full refund of the sale price (shipping charges are always non-refundable). Any claim made for a deceased animal will be honored if within 72 hours of receipt; photographic evidence of the animal is required. I am an honest breeder, not a greedy businessman, and am breeding and raising geckos because I love doing so, and want to share these terrific animals with others. Ethics and etiquette are of utmost importance to me, and I expect the same in each and every business transaction.


I reserve the right to refuse sale for any reason.

Updated: 10/28/16